About us

Who we are

Founded in 2016

Human Aid Now is a small grassroots charity registered and recognized in the Netherlands. Founded in September 2016 with the aim of supporting refugees in Northern Greece, we have since expanded to running projects throughout Greece, Serbia, France, Bosnia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Access to basic needs for refugees

Human Aid Now is passionate about ensuring refugees in transit have access to basic products and services. We specialize in intervening where we are most needed, quickly and efficiently in times of crisis.

We are non political

Human Aid Now is a purely humanitarian organisation. We do not take any political standpoint about the migration crisis. We work with passion and respect and we endeavor to deliver our services whilst preserving as much as we can the dignity of the people we help and acting in the most sustainable manner possible. To increase our efficiency, we often work in collaboration with like-minded NGOs.

For refugees throughout Europe

All our programs and activities are centered around providing refugees thoughout Europe with services and goods to satisfy their basic needs. We define basic needs as: food, clothing, shelter, safety, healthcare and information.
Human Aid Now was originally called Human Aid in Greece but changed its name in 2019 as its mission expanded.



Transparency is a key word for Human Aid Now. We have a documented authorization scheme to determine how donations are spent. Feel free to contact us at info@humanaidnow.org for any information on this. We report on each cent that is spent and we are always very happy to inform donors about the progresses of projects they support.

99% of donations spent on-site

We are committed to keep our acquisition costs and overheads below ten percent of incoming funds. Actually, we are very proud that so far we managed to keep those costs under 1%, which means that more than 99% of donations were spent on-site for the refugees. There is no remuneration or other financial incentives for the board members.

We are volunteers

The board and the director are collectively responsible for defining and agreeing the long-term vision, strategic planning and budgeting of the organisation. They share formal responsibility for Human Aid Now and must act in its best interests. The director and board members are volunteers and are not entitled to any financial compensation.

Annual reports

All our annual reports are publicly available:

Annual Report 2016 
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2019


Portrait of our Founder and director

Founder and director


Wouter has a mathematics and logistics background with a specialization in humanitarian development. Next to his activities at Human Aid Now, he has worked as an advisor and academic for international humanitarian organisations through INSEAD. Consequently, he has learned how to efficiently run a variety of humanitarian operations and this is what he attempts to do at Human Aid Now. He is our director and oversees the day to day operations. He started Human Aid Now originally in 2016 as Human Aid in Greece after having volunteered around Thessaloniki in Greece.


Portrait of our Board chair

Board chair


Having worked for corporates in Holland and abroad, Carsten is now involved in teaching, start-ups and social initiatives, often helping with fundraising. “When I met Wouter on one of his first fundraisers, I was inspired by his motives and energy, so I decided to help him, having been involved in other refugee initiatives.”

In the summer of 2019, Carsten visited 3 of our Heroes in Greece and spent some time working with them and tens of other volunteers, young and old. Fortunately, there are hundreds of them, every year. Their stories are a testimony to what humanity feels like, looking after others who are in need, giving unconditionally their time, expertise and care.“They both serve as an inspiration to me as well as a mirror how my world looks like.”


Portrait of our Board Treasurer

Board Treasurer


Dominique has over 25 years of experience in investment banking, after which she changed sectors to work for smaller businesses. She worked on a start-up in artisanal foods and is the most experienced in project evaluation and finance. Since June 2017 she volunteers full-time for Human Aid Now. She works on a daily basis with the homeless refugees in The Netherlands and regularly goes to Calais, Dunkirk or Paris. In all locations in France, she is known as the nice lady who always brings all the most needed and urgent items, which ensures an amazing working relationship with the NGOs on-site.
Dominique provides incredible project management expertise from her investment banking experience, which is nowadays visible in the way that she coordinates food distributions for over 5,000 refugees and migrants in Amsterdam.


Portrait of our Board Secretary

Board Secretary


Bart has founded and directed a design studio for many years. He is a problem solver, linking and combining experience and knowledge gathered in many domains, finding new solutions and ideas. Pragmatic, energetic, creative, result oriented, having the overview and an eye for detail. Now he works as CTO in a company that provides services to the building and insurance industries.

He was a volunteer in Greece for a year in total. He co-created an app to manage logistics for the distribution of aid goods and later he was leader of a team of volunteers in a camp in Northern Greece. For Bart its important to – after being in Greece – remain committed to supporting refugees, in Greece, in The Netherlands and elsewhere, by helping grassroots teams to work as professional and effective as possible.