Food and other basic needs items for undocumented families in Amsterdam

Weekly Food Packages for 2.800 families per week in Amsterdam

Human Aid Now has been providing weekly food and other basic needs items to undocumented refugees in Amsterdam since September 2016. Due to the corona pandemic, the demand has increased steeply as thousands of undocumented families, who used to sustain themselves through the parallel economy (cleaners, nannies, etc), lost their income from one day to the next. Since March 2020, we are cooperating with several other NGO’s, churches, the Red Cross and citizen initiatives to deliver a weekly food package to 2.800 families. 

How do we help?

30.000 kg of food per week

Thanks to our contacts with wholesales providers we are able to buy basic food staples and hygiene items in bulk at attractive prices. Each week we buy up to 7 tons of rice, 1 ton of pasta, 3.000 liters of milk, 2.300 liters of oil, 1.840 kg of flour, 1.267 kg of dried beans, 22.000 eggs, 4.500 tins of tomatoes and tomato purée, loads of other fresh and tinned vegetables, semolina, canned tuna and sardines, Maggi bouillon blocks, etc. We also buy 100.000 diapers per month!!!!

Distribution close to the different communities

We deliver this food to distribution projects close to the communities they are assisting. Volunteers from the community create wholesome nutritious food packages, that are distributed to families deprived of their income by the Covid pandemic, and who are not entitled to assistance by the regular social services. We also assist the different distribution projects by providing coordination, project management, logistics, volunteers, and administration. 

This food project is financed by Dutch Funds and the Municipality of Amsterdam but those destitute families need more than just food. Please help us to also deliver hygiene items and diapers for the babies.


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