Corona in Greece

The Corona pandemic is catastrophic for refugees living in Greece, in overcrowded camps, or even on the street. Many NGOs have stopped operating under these harsh conditions, leaving beneficiaries without food, with weak hygiene and hardly any space to isolate, which puts refugees at risk.

The projects we support are luckily still providing food, legal (asylum) and medical services, but they are heavily affected by the Greek lockdown rules. The volunteers are often forced to use less efficient and more expensive ways to deliver their indispensable services.

Human Aid Now is providing emergency response funding. We need your help to allow those vital projects to continue. The Corona pandemic is affecting all of us but is the hardest for the most vulnerable individuals in our societies. If you can, please contribute to the solidarity effort and donate to one of below projects.

What can your donation do? This is what € 10,- can provide:

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Human Aid Now  rapidly intervene in crisis areas to support refugees to ensure their basics needs. We define basic needs as: food, clothing, shelter, safety, healthcare and information. We do this in collaboration with the key volunteers of the Help a Hero program and by collaborating with all NGOs active in Amsterdam.

We are proud to have very low running costs and overhead. Until now at least 99% of donations were spent on site for the refugees.