Current situation in Greece

The Corona pandemic has been catastrophic for refugees living in Greece in overcrowded camps. Many NGOs have stopped operating under these harsh conditions, leaving beneficiaries without food, with weak hygiene and hardly any space to isolate, putting refugees at risk. After much delay, the Greek government is starting to catch up on some of the backlogs in asylum-procedures. But refugees with status often have to wait many months -even years- before receiving travel documents, with insufficient access to basic necessities. Now that the covid-restrictions are easing and travel is increasing again, pushbacks are executed and closed camps are being set up. Many refugees who have made in to Greece attempt to remain on the streets, to support themselves as much as possible and sometimes continue their journey.

The projects we support provide food, legal information (e.g. concerning asylum, family reunion) and medical services. 

Human Aid Now is providing emergency response funding. We need your help to allow those vital projects for the most vulnerable in our societies to continue. If you can, please contribute to the solidarity effort and donate to one of below projects.

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Human Aid Now  rapidly intervene in crisis areas to support refugees to ensure their basics needs. We define basic needs as: food, clothing, shelter, safety, healthcare and information. We do this in collaboration with the key volunteers of the Grassroots Accelerator program and by collaborating with all NGOs active in Amsterdam.

We are proud to have very low running costs and overhead. Until now at least 99% of donations were spent on site for the refugees.