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For everything we do, we rely on your help.

How you can contribute

Human Aid Now rapidly intervenes in crisis areas to support refugees to ensure their basics needs. We define basic needs as: food, clothing, shelter, safety, healthcare and information. We do this with our Grassroots Accelerator program and our Amsterdam support program.

For everything we do, we rely on your help. Whether it is volunteering with us, donating materials or making a financial donation, every help is highly appreciated.

We are proud to have very low running costs and overhead. Until now more than 99% of donations were spent on-site for the refugees. Did you know that donating to us can be tax deductible? Read more

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Donate now safely by answering the few questions below. After confirming the form, you will be redirected to the payment method that you have chosen. The payments are safely handled by Mollie . Of course, you can also contact us for more information or arrange a meeting (live or online) prior to deciding, too.