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3 vans, 3 ladies in Dunkirk hell

Last week we went to Dunkirk with the beautiful Sanne Van Alphen from Stichting Moving Stones and Theresia Elders and her friend Aliko. We brought 3 vans full of emergency supplies, which we shared between Charlie Chappers from Mobile Refugee Support and the Dunkirk / Dunkerque Refugee Women's Centre. The Dunkirk camp is hell on earth. 800 people, including 100 small children live there in awful conditions. A tarpaulin and some blankets stretched between the trees, a tent for the lucky ones, no or very limited access to water and toilets.

When we were in Dunkirk there were 1 water point and 3 latrines for the whole camp, and they have been taken away since ?! Everything people get in the camp, food, clothes, water, medical help, etc, is brought by the volunteers ❤️❤️❤️. Like always the kids immediately came to us, to play and to get cuddles. Little Lisa gave us hula hoop lessons. She made it look so easy but when we tried to imitate her, we failed miserably, which generated lots of laughs ?

But what really broke our heart was to see the little wheelchair we brought 2 weeks ago for a handicapped 12-years old girl. How is it possible that a disabled little child is forced to live in those conditions in today's Europe ???????? The summer is ending and the winter is going to be horrible for the people in the camp. We want to start stocking survival blankets, rain ponchos, warm socks, beanies, gloves, scarves, etc. Please help if you can. Thank you so very very much ❤️!

Please contribute €4,00 for 5 pairs of socks via

Please contribute €10,00 for 22 survival blankets via

Please contribute €15,00 for 100 rain ponchos via 

Collecting goods Dunkirk

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