Monday 5 November 2018 00:00

5500 euro raised to support refugees through the winter

Donations are still coming but thanks to your awesome generosity we already raised more than €5.500 during last Friday's fundraising dinner ???! This could potentially fund tents & sleeping bags for 150+ families, warm gloves for nearly 7.500 people or more than enough rice to feed the whole refugee population of Dunkirk and Calais throughout the entire winter ?! In the coming months, we will tell you exactly how we spend it. It was a truly wonderful evening, full of great food, fantastic music, emotional speeches but first of all positive energy and an absolutely awesome crowd ?.

We can't thank you enough for your continuous support ???! We also want to thank from the bottom of our hearts: - MixTreeSusanna Pasqualini and Alexander Goekjian for supplying the venue. It really a great place you have there! - Sapphire Fever and Paul Hagayi for the music. The event would have missed so much without you. - The fabulous cooks from Calais Refugee Community KitchenXander KingEric Nientker and Erica Hygate. RCK can be very proud of you guys, you are such a joy to work with ?! - Tahane and Qusae Ahmad for the delicious boreks and filled vine leaves. It's a pity you could not be there to see how fast they disappeared from the buffet. - Wonderbars, Anita Crowe and Bar Restaurant LELY for the raffle lots - And last but certainly not least the marvelous Kathleen Brennan who initiated it all ❤️!

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