Monday 8 October 2018 00:00


To Tessa Kraan who collected enough to buy 16 packs of diapers, 13 boxes of powder milk and 84 packs of wipes ?!. Tessa, thanks to you and your generous donors the Refugee Women's Centre can keep the little baby's in the camp with full stomachs and dry bottoms ???! To Romain Zeromano Oria and Barbara Fbr who organised a giant collection at their workplace, with a special thank you for all the OTC medicines you collected, you are awesome ?

And last, but certainly not least, to Charley Rousset, who not only organised a fantastic collection at We Are Cisco, but also drove the van to Calais last weekend ?. Charley, please thank all your colleagues. They really went the extra mile, buying tons of hygiene products, new underwear and socks and even baby winter jacquets ❤️❤️❤️! And not to forget, an enormous hug to Aggy Langedijk, who helped sorting and packing the van ?

Collecting goods

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