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A letter from Jitske

Jitske wrote another letter (read below) to keep everybody informed about the situation in Lesbos. She and her team are managing to serve up to 1300 breakfasts a day and have a big role in keeping the camp clean and more livable!

Dear everybody,

They say time flies when you’re having fun… apparently not only when you’re having fun. Also when you make long days and a lot of things are happening at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely do have fun. That is something I truly admire in the Because We Carry team. We can really laugh, make the best of it, the Kara Tepe resident team makes every weekly volunteer team feel so welcome. It’s good to see how many different people come here to help. From so many places in the world. In the last couple of weeks we had people in our weekly volunteer team from Switzerland, USA, Holland and even Australia! We are all different but at the same time we all have so many similarities. We all look for happiness, we all want nice and good people around us, we all want a place that feels like home, we all want life to treat us well. Last week I passed camp Moria with my car, right now more than 7000 people (including many families) are staying there while the official capacity is only for 1500 people... So you can imagine; it is so overcrowded and a lot of people live there in temporarily really small tents under very poor conditions. I saw a mother walking with her son and I offered her a ride, she was surprised and very thankful. She told me her name, which meant “Hope” in English. Looking in her beautiful brown eyes I saw hope, but also desperation at the same time. This woman is here all alone with her son. She was walking with her son because she wanted him to see, feel and experience different things than only the inside of camp Moria. And here they were, looking at the olive trees, smell the flowers and walking hand in hand. The only thing I could do when we arrived, was wishing them all the best. Give her son a high five and keep my fingers crossed that I’ll see them in Kara Tepe one day. I really hope they will get a chance in this life. Knowing that also you make is possible for me to be here, makes me feel so supported. It feels like you all stand next to me. So thank you all and….spread the love!

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