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Accept what you cannot change, and change what you cannot accept!

Our Hero Jitske at Lesbos took the time to write an update about the situation there. It's about winter, surviving and the right to play. It makes us proud to support her!

Hello everybody,

The pervious updates I wrote in the sun, this update I write while it is raining very heavy. The streets are flooded and it looks like it isn;t going to stop for the next couple of hours. I made myself a cup of tea, wear my favourite jumer and lighted some candles. But, at the same time I have to think about all the refugees. Especially the people who live in Camp Moria.

Most of the (self-made) tents they stay in are not made for this kind of weather. Everything will get wet and this is only the start. Winter is coming and it makes me feel worried. Imagine living there with your family. The weather is something we canot change. And, in the last couple of months I experienced myself how many things we can change. So many things we have an influence on, even the smallest things. As you know we do al ot more besides the distributio of breakfast to 1200 people every morning and our activities. As we speak many people are helping us to collect 4000 (!) backpacks with toys for the children.

We need to help these refugee children on Lesbos, because right here in Europe we are letting the children who have fled from war live in waste. Literally. So: Next week a truck full of these backpacks and much more things we need, will arrive. Every child has the right to play, doesn't matter what situation you're in. We cannot wait to give the children a smile on their face when we hand out these bags! And the fact that so many people are helping us to make them, makes me so thankful. Thank you for another month of support!

Warm regards from Lesbos,

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