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Help a hero update: foodKIND

Perhaps a bit overdue, but we would like to share with you some of the amazing work that Almut and her team have done in the past weeks. To hear praising words about Almut that are not directly from us, we present you with a review of her by foodKIND's treasurer herself:

"Reviewing Almut for the month, she continues to be the thoughtful, kind, organized woman we've come to know. She was very conscious during Ramadan to provide packages people could take home and enjoy after sunset. She also put together an EID "party" for those who are still in Patras, with a few decorations, baklava, and fresh fruit, all for 125 Euro! She's been quite the bargain hunter, finding great deals on fruits and vegetables around the markets, and has made wonderful connections with many local vendors to get us the best deals possible. Almut has been keeping in touch to let us know weekly numbers, and is handling the challenging situation in Patras with grace."

We are still very proud to support this amazing project and see the added value of having an experienced professional on-site on a daily basis! ❤️ There is big news coming soon about this project, so stay tuned... ?

Northern Greece Hero: Almut

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