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Help a Hero update - Mobile Info Team

Michael Kientzle and the Mobile Info Team for refugees in Greece - الفريق المتنقل لمعلومات اللاجئين again achieved many successes in June, as several of the Team’s cases were approved for reunification and others were finally allowed to travel to be reunited with family members.

But in the event of recent developments this update needs to be about a different topic. Last month was in many different ways a very challenging time in Northern Greece. Here is a worrying update about the situation from the past month: Following the continuous decrease in EU funding and private donations, it has become difficult to ensure that every asylum seeker in Greece has access to legal assistance. As a result, many family reunification applications and asylum procedures will be carried out without legal support, which will certainly lead to rejections that, with assistance, could easily have been avoided.

The Mobile Info Team is now seeking to extend its operations to provide at least some of these people with the legal support they deserve. Without sustainable funding we will not be able to respond to the growing demands in Greece. We have opened a new project on our website called Legal Aid in Greece and any donations under this comment will be used on this vital project. Thank you in advance <3 Again a big thank you to Kerken in de Laurens for supporting our Hero!!

Hero: Michael Northern Greece

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