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New project introduction

Following our Help a Hero program, we have identified and started supporting a new key volunteer in refugee response efforts in Greece. Sophie Gédéon has been in Greece for over 18 months!

She introduces herself: "I'm Sophie and I'm a doctor from France, even though my familial roots are from many more countries! I came to Greece in January 2017 for two months, but ended up staying here. Being a doctor means that I'm able to help people with one of their essential needs, their own health. Refugees are living in such dreadful conditions that their health is not as good as it could be, whether from acute diseases, or from a chronic one which is not treated as it should be. After helping different NGOs, I started a new project on Samos island. As all the hotspots on the Greek islands, people there are living in tents, in an overcrowded camp (nearly 3000 for a camp designed for 650 people!). Only one doctor of the Greek government is working there, and that is clearly not enough. Since 2 weeks, people can come to a centre where they can get free medical consultations and treatment. I appreciate deeply the support of Human Aid in Greece and their donors for this project!"

BUT, Sophie also comes with a question: She needs DOCTORS to come and volunteer with her on Samos! There is a direct Transavia flight from Schiphol to Samos and Transavia has repeatedly committed to save some space for medical luggage for us :)

Please contact us at if you know someone of if you want to volunteer. With the support of many great donors, including Annemiek van Schaick, RK Sint Jan de Doper - Vecht en VenenGerard Griffioen, Jos van Os, Jan Petit & Marina Van Notten, we have been able to also finance essential medicine for this project, thank you all so much! <3 

Hero: Sophie Greek islands

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