Monday 12 October 2020 18:00

NOW_15 tons of food

Did you know that in Amsterdam, we are currently supporting nearly 1.400 families deprived of their income by the Covid crisis with weekly food packages? Last week we went for the first time over 15 tons of food in a week!!!!

That is 4.5 tons of rice, 1 ton of pasta, 1.300l of milk, 460l of oil, 750kg each sugar and flour, 1.267kg of dried beans, 10.700 eggs, 2.166 tins of tomatoes and tomato purée, loads of other fresh and tinned vegetables, semolina, canned tuna and sardines, Maggi bouillon blocks, etc.

With ENORMOUS thanks to our awesome partners, without whom none of this would be possible:

- The distribution projects who do the lion share of the job: het wereldhuis, the All Saints African Parish, the wonderful project distributing to Brazilian and Filipino communities under the leading of Marlene Nascimento and Anouk Brugman, Love Christian Centre Amsterdam, the Lutherse Diaconie and the Presbyterian Kerk

- The funds who made it possible through their generous donations: Fundatie Van den Santheuvel, Sobbe, RCOAK, Haëlla Stichting and Kansfonds

- Our suppliers and fabulous logistic partners: Sligro, Paulo and Junna Transport


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