Monday 4 May 2020 12:00

NOW_COVID-19 on-site update 3 from our Hero @Rose Hansen

When the lockdown started, the team didn't know what to do. Through a lawyer connection, Rose arranged Greek documents which gave her and her Medical Volunteers International e.V. team the right to provide medical services in a day! Since then, the team has been providing aid non-stop!

Since Greece has blocked the basic human right to apply for asylum, refugees entering the country from the Turkish border walk all the way to Thessaloniki to access many services from NGOs. After oftentimes having been harassed by the police at the border, sometimes it is only after this 350km walk that they receive medical care from the team. New arrivals are diagnosed with injuries from the long way they walk. Also, mild colds, gastrointestinal problems and skin diseases are often found.

We're super impressed with how incredibly resilient the team is under these hard conditions on-site. & of course proud to be working with you!!

Medical Volunteers International Hero: Rose Northern Greece

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