Sunday 28 February 2021 18:45

NOW_ refugees living outside in cold Greek winter

Winters in Northern Greece are harsh, temperature drops below zero with strong winds. This person is undocumented, the asylum offices are closed. He lives (among many) in abandoned train wagons in Thessaloniki.
Wave - Thessaloniki is the only chance to get anything at the moment. They supply many of these people with sleeping bags, thermal underwear and a warm meal.

The people have no place to warm up during the day, serving food indoor is not possible, due to corona limitations. Some people make a fire and stay close to it all night, sometimes it happens that they burn their sleeping bags or clothes. At least they have permanent smell of fire and burned wood and no chance to take a shower anywhere.

This is an absolute nightmare to live in. We are happy to be able to support the Wave project. As you can imagine they are heavily depending on donations. If you want to support, please donate!

Wave Thessaloniki Northern Greece

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