Monday 14 January 2019 00:00


Last week, we reported on snow falling in Greece and the amazing RK Sint Jan de Doper - Vecht en Venen community immediately reached out. Tonight it will freeze in the Thessaloniki region and many refugees sleep in abandoned building or outside. With this help, they'll at least have 300 pairs of warm socks and 116 pairs of gloves to fight the bitter cold tonight! Special thanks to Gerard Griffioen for being so fast to reach out and Giulia Duch Clerici from IHA - InterEuropean Human Aid Association for instanteneously arranging the response <3 <3 We are still collecting help to help the refugees through winter. Will you stand in solidarity? I keep one refugee warm for €8,00 via or NL64 ABNA 0479 7172 73 / Human Aid #winteriscoming #babyitscoldoutside #weareallequal

Northern Greece

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