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The Inter-NGO warehouse burned to the ground last night

This was where most of the NGOs taking care of the 800 refugees of Dunkirk were storing all their reserves. Everything is gone!!!! Please, please, please help us to replace it. One of those NGOs is the Refugee Women's Centre. They take care of the most vulnerable in the camp, especially the 100+ baby's and small children and their mothers.

They lost everything and they urgently need women & children warm jackets and shoes, blankets, tents, nappies, baby accessories (baby carriers/dummies/baby bottles), wet wipes and all hygiene items. Sanne Van Alphen will drive a van to Dunkirk on Saturday and we will drive another one coming Tuesday, please help us to fill them. This is a devastating blow, just as the weather is changing and tons of rain is falling on Dunkirk.

The displaced families there need your help more than ever! We have several drop-off locations for donations: - Amsterdam: * Oud West: Anna Van Ojik * Noord: Maxi Hager * Oost: @Sylwia Sylwia Beyonce Lepiarz * Osdorp: message @Maria Hashem - Haarlem: Zerrin Morris - Amersfoort: Sanne Van AlphenMelita MileticTracey Livesey - Nijmegen/Arnhem: Theresia Elders - Rotterdam: Rahma Hulsman - Rosmalen/Den Bosch: Mireille Aaliyah No items, but still wanna help? - Donate a pack of nappies (luiers) via - Donate a tent via for any other amount or NL64 ABNA 0479 7172 73. Thank you so very much ❤️

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The Inter-NGO warehouse burned to the ground last night - image 1