Thursday 10 May 2018 00:00

Update from Bosnia

The refugee crisis in Bosnia is now escalating. Every day new people are arriving. Organizations like IOM are predicting thousands of new arrivals within the next months. People are tired. People are hopeless. They are in the middle of their lives, stocked in a place they don’t want to be, unable to go further, nor go back home. The Bosnians are absolutely incredible and helpful, but little by little they cannot cope with the big number of refugees anymore. The situation is getting worse everyday.

On the other side, there’s also a lot of good things happening. There is a huge motivation to help because many Bosnians were refugees themselves during the Balkan war and want to give something back now. We’re happy that we - because of our sponsors - were able to help out a local group of volunteers, who are doing a great job on site. We covered an urgent financial gap, by providing food for refugees living in the houses provided by the local community. Potatoes, onions, apples, oil, canned tomatoes, bread, eggs, beans and other vegetables.

Besides this, independent volunteers are also providing food on the streets of Sarajevo. We truly support this group of independent volunteers, who put a lot of effort in helping people in need, making their life a little bit brighter.

Emergency Response Bosnia

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