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Update from Michael

In July, Michael Kientzle and the Mobile Info Team for refugees in Greece - الفريق المتنقل لمعلومات اللاجئين focused its efforts on providing information and assistance at the refugee camp of Serres.

There are over 500 inhabitants in this camp and they are almost all Yazidi, a religious minority from Northern Iraq which is highly persecuted there. Due to recent funding cuts which have affected a lot of refugee camps in Northern Greece, the camp of Serres is now without any in-camp lawyers. This was the only option for legal help for most of the asylum seekers.

In July, the Mobile Info Team made 3 visits to fill the obvious gap which now exists at the camp in Serres. They helped with about 90 (!) cases. For over one year, the Mobile Info Team has been holding regular workshops on the basics of the Greek asylum procedures for volunteers and coordinators of other grassroots and civil society organisations in Northern Greece. Together with Jan, a member of Advocates Abroad Thessaloniki, they held another session. Around 40 long-term volunteers attended. During the two hour workshop, Michael and Jan were able to clarify a lot of legal questions. Thank you again Kerken in de Laurens for your support! Your great contribution has further enabled Michael (and therefore his team) to do the great work they are doing

Hero: Michael Northern Greece

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