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We love Amsterdam Mamas 

We love, love, love the amazing Stichting Amsterdam Mamas ❤️❤️❤️! Since the fire that destroyed our warehouse in Dunkirk the mamas of Amsterdam have tirelessly worked to come to the help of the displaced mamas in Northern France. Thanks a million to all of you, and especially to: The unbelievable Maxi Hager who filled 3 vans with her collections. And not only did she collect but she also sorted, washed and folded everything!!! And she and her little boy wrote the sweetest letter to the volunteers of the Refugee Women's Centre!

The awesome Sarah Downing who collected "kraamdozen". Those are boxes full of sanitary items necessary for mother and baby in the first weeks. She stripped them and salvaged boxes and boxes of extremely necessary hygiene/medical material. And last but certainly not least, our great friend Zerrin Morris. She was really upset by the awful living conditions of the Dunkirk babies, (sleeping on the ground, no clean water, shortage of milk and diapers, etc), but turned her emotions to actions. In one week she collected 20+ buggies and enough money to fill our van with nappies, formula and wipes!!!! Ladies, thank you so very very much! Without your help we would not be able to support mamas in need in refugee camps.

Collecting goods

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