House of All

In 2019, the plight of refugees in Bosnia was very difficult. Human Aid Now supported a key volunteer named Majid who worked for the House of All, the Usivak Refugee Camp and for a project providing food for refugees living in the street. He fulfilled the role as coordinator, chef, handyman, distributor and many more tasks. Pulling an eight-hour shift as a chef at one site, to continue cooking for the next, his energy was unlimited. As a refugee himself and as a former chef in Iran, he knew very well which food the refugees liked and how to prepare it. On average he secured an output of a staggering 20,000 meals per day!

Majid facilitated many improvements and synergies. He got low prices from the local market after building long-term relationships. He helped coordinate the efforts of ten NGOs working in the region, so that efforts were complementary and not duplicated. Food waste decreased and kitchen cleanliness improved as Majid well knew how to run a professional restaurant. And to top it all off, Majid cooked birthday cakes for all the volunteers to increase morale!

Unfortunately, as the situation started to deteriorate for refugees in Bosnia and many NGOs were asked to leave the country, Majid had to choose for the safety of his son and himself and leave the project. We are forever grateful for his fantastic efforts and impressive contribution as a humanitarian!

House of All in Sarajevo - Bosnia, 2019

How you can help

Since 2016, HAN has provided more than 80 tons emergency supplies like blankets, food and medicine, mostly donated by our partners and supported more than ten Heroes in Thessaloniki, Samos, Patras, Calais and Bosnia amongst others. HAN spends 100% of funds on its goals and are matched 50-100 fold in value (8 mio Euro’s) by donations in kind and contributions by other NGO’s.