Mobile Info Team

Mobile Info Team (MIT) supports refugees and asylum seekers in Greece with vital information and assistance for the full duration of their asylum procedure. MIT empowers refugees by giving them an overview of their rights, obligations and options, preventing them from taking unnecessary risks and giving them the ability to act with dignity. MIT’s activities consist of casework and assistance for individuals, providing general information through Facebook and advocacy work.


Human AId Now has for many years supported Mobile Info Team’s growth and development towards becoming a professional organisation, where many people now have a paid position. We are proud to have played a role in helping them reach this point.

Success story

From an underfunded organisation powered by the passion of an all-volunteer staff, to a self-sustaining NGO with paid staff members, the success of MIT represents the impact of HAN’s Grassroots Accelerator model. While our role in MIT’s story has ended, we will continue to keep track of their journey and jointly celebrate their future achievements. Our support for Mobile Info Team ended in March 2022, as they reached the next level.

Mobile Info Team in Thessaloniki - Greece, 2018-2022

How you can help

Since 2016, HAN has provided more than 80 tons emergency supplies like blankets, food and medicine, mostly donated by our partners and supported more than ten Heroes in Thessaloniki, Samos, Patras, Calais and Bosnia amongst others. HAN spends 100% of funds on its goals and are matched 50-100 fold in value (8 mio Euro’s) by donations in kind and contributions by other NGO’s.