Wave Aid

Wave Aid started as a group of volunteers working in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2018 to provide for the basic needs of the city’s homeless population, with a specific focus on people on the move. They are open seven days a week, every week of the year.


Wave Aid’s main goal is to provide each individual who shows up with a nutritious, warm meal, regardless of who they are, where they have come from, or what documents they have. On top of that Wave Aid tries to fill gaps in services by providing information, referrals to medical care and legal organisations, hygiene kits, clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, shoes, basic showers and laundry services.

Undocumented people

For a long time, the majority of services in the city have been off limits for undocumented people, meaning they fall through the gaps. That’s where Wave Aid comes in.In the lived reality of Europe, with inaccessible asylum systems, a lack of safe routes to seeking protection, and ramped up state repression, Wave Aid serves in solidarity and advocates for the basic human rights of the people they support.

Tight collaboration

Human Aid Now has a very long and close connection with Wave Aid. First, Wave Aid operated completely under our umbrella. In 2023 we advised them to set up their own legal entity and we helped them to do so. In this new phase, we will keep supporting them and continue our collaboration.

Read more on the WAVE Aid website

Wave Aid in Thessaloniki, Greece

How you can help

Since 2016, HAN has provided more than 80 tons emergency supplies like blankets, food and medicine, mostly donated by our partners and supported more than ten Heroes in Thessaloniki, Samos, Patras, Calais and Bosnia amongst others. HAN spends 100% of funds on its goals and are matched 50-100 fold in value (8 mio Euro’s) by donations in kind and contributions by other NGO’s.

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