Leonie has vast experience living and working in diverse cultural settings. She has an honours degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and has done research in the field of politics and empowerment in Central Africa. Having lived in Athens since late 2015, she has more than five years of volunteer experience in the humanitarian sector there. 

Leonie is the founder and project manager of Not Just a Refugee. She arranges links and partnerships with local and international NGO’s and services, and recruits project volunteers. She is  also in charge of fundraising, and connects directly with donors and supporters of the project through a vibrant community.

Leonie in Athens, Greece

About Not Just A Refugee

Not Just a Refugee is a small team in Athens offering safe spaces and holistic support to adolescents and single mothers on the run, offering people the opportunity to temporarily rest and reflect on their life situations. Their personal mentorship program offers beneficiaries the chance to empower themselves and take steps towards self-development. Through their local partnership network, members of the community gain access to legal, medical, and psychological services, as well as language courses and vocational trainings. 

At Not Just a Refugee they believe everyone deserves a chance to build a stable and autonomous livelihood. They strongly support equality of treatment and equality of opportunity for all, and welcome persons in need of all backgrounds and sexual orientations.

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How you can help

Since 2016, HAN has provided more than 80 tons emergency supplies like blankets, food and medicine, mostly donated by our partners and supported more than ten Heroes in Thessaloniki, Samos, Patras, Calais and Bosnia amongst others. HAN spends 100% of funds on its goals and are matched 50-100 fold in value (8 mio Euro’s) by donations in kind and contributions by other NGO’s.

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